4 Safety Features That All Smartwatches Should Have

It’s difficult to deny the benefits that technology has brought to our everyday lives, but unfortunately, it comes with its downsides as well. One of the most prominent is cyber security. The number of competent hackers and thieves stealing our information keeps going up.

Luckily, so has the strength of our defenses—well, for most devices, that is. One such device that hasn’t gotten as much attention in this department is smartwatches. Some companies have started to take notice, though. Still, it can be difficult to know what features to look for, which is why we’ve put together a list of safety features that all smartwatches should have that you’ll want for your next one.

Unlock Code

This is the option that most smartwatches will already have, but not all of them do. Plus, not everybody who has them actually uses them. This is because it can become tedious to unlock your watch every time you use it. While we can’t disagree with that, we have noticed, after doing it enough, you’ll reach a point where the code becomes second nature, eliminating the tedium of it. On top of that, using swipe patterns or fingerprint sensors will make it even easier for you to get into your smartwatch with little to no issue.

Of course, the reason why this is important is your watch could get stolen at any time. Pickpockets are masters at removing watches without the person even noticing. If they manage to steal this device from you, they can easily access a bunch of your info, so that’s why you need to have it locked.

Phone Detector

Fortunately, there are some other options if you really can’t stand having a passcode on your watch. One of the latest ones is having a phone detector. Once it senses that it’s no longer near your phone, it’ll lock up and require a code in order to grant access.

Wrist Detector

Of course, the previous security feature does no good if a thief steals your phone too, which is why a better choice is to get a watch with a wrist detector. The second it no longer senses your wrist, the watch will lock up. And don’t worry—it won’t open up when the thief puts it back on their own wrist. It’ll need the passcode to reopen.

Limited Internet Capabilities

While these safety features that all smartwatches should have are great deterrents for people who have your watch, they don’t do anything for people who access it remotely. Even though there are fewer avenues for hackers to break into a smartwatch than there are for smartphones, any watches that have access to the Internet are prone to this issue.

This is why our kids’ video call watches don’t have an available Internet connection. Children aren’t great at knowing what is and isn’t safe online, so stopping them from having easy access to the Internet is the best way to keep them and their information safe.

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