Angel Watch Provides a Safe Alternative for Raising Children in the Modern Age

Angel Watch is a company founded by parents for parents that provides a safe and healthy alternative to smartphones for kids: a kid’s smart watch. Our primary goal is to help you keep kids safe and accounted for while reducing the mental/physical ramifications of smartphone use. We hope to ease your stress (and theirs) as your children learn to interact with the world around them, without being exposed to the harmful effects of the internet/social media on their developing psyche. 

We have outlined three arguments for using our product instead of getting your child a comparable smart device, such as an iPad for an iPhone with full internet access. 


Keep Children Safe from Social Media

Social media provides a filtered way of looking at the world that can be polarizing and isolating, despite interacting with thousands of strangers online. Social media poses its fair share of problems for fully cognitive adults who are able to understand the negative effects it is having on their self-esteem. Young children who are still developing may be exposed to harmful societal expectations (such as those surrounding appearance) that they are not capable of understanding yet, which are only amplified through social media, making them feel insecure.

From a safety perspective, children can also be exposed to predators and traffickers online, especially if they are sharing personal information with strangers. Kids are also more susceptible to cyberbullying or even perpetuating harassment themselves, especially if they mimic the typical ‘no consequences’ rhetoric that is used online.  

A child cannot defend themselves in the online world. Angel Watch, our 4G smart watch, provides an easy alternative to a smart phone that includes all the parental benefits of a smartphone such as tracking, phone calling, text-messaging, and video calling but no internet or social media access. 

Safely Provide a Sense of Autonomy

We’ve all heard of the term “helicopter parent”, and though this is typically used in a derogatory manner, there is validity in being worried about your child’s safety. Allowing your child to try things on their own can be helpful to build self-awareness and trust between the two of you. Smart devices allow children to practice responsibility by presenting them with a costly piece of hardware that they have to take care of. Angel Watch provides an easy alternative that will not only allow you to monitor your child, but give them a healthy sense of autonomy and feel more able to explore the world around them. 

Safely Monitor Your Child’s Location

As parents ourselves, we recognize how difficult it can be to keep track of your child, especially if they are away from home. We all want to be able to know where our child is, but smartphones and the plethora of apps that they offer run the risk of placing your child in the crossfire of predators who want that same ability for more sinister reasons. Angel Watch allows you (and only you) to monitor your child’s location, giving you peace of mind if they are not in your line of vision. You can also set parameters to your child’s location through GEO Fencing  and be notified when your child leaves those bounds. This way, you can feel less worried about your child playing with their friends in the neighborhood or visiting a friend’s house for their first sleepover.


With Angel Watch, you can keep your child safe and accounted for without sacrificing their mental or physical health online. Our watch can help build your child’s confidence and better prepare them to tackle the world around them. 

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