At What Age Should Kids Get Their First Tech Gadgets?

One of the hardest decisions new parents have to make for kids is when they should be allowed to get their first smart device. This isn’t a simple problem to tackle. Before we answer the question, “At what age should kids get their first tech gadget?” we need to go over why this is such a big issue for parents and what we can do about it. That way, our answer at the end makes more sense.

Why We Worry About Age Limits

As parents, it’s our job to ensure that our children stay safe. The internet makes that more complex than ever because our kids could easily come across something they shouldn’t. Plus, many smart devices have the built-in ability to contact anyone, whether the people know each other or not. Both of these issues lead to devices such as smartphones being extremely dangerous for young kids that don’t know any better.

How You Can Negate Those Worries

Fortunately, many companies have also noticed this problem and come up with solutions. Almost all devices these days have some form of parental locks on them, but their main weakness is they can only stop so much.

The better solution is to have a device that cuts off all access to the internet and the ability to call unknown numbers. That’s exactly what our kids’ 4G smartwatch is here to do. Our devices don’t have internet access, so you won’t have to worry about your kid working their way through a parental lock. On top of that, you have direct control over your child’s contacts. That way, they can only call or text trusted friends and family members.

Which Age Range Is Best for Your Child

What does this mean when figuring out what age kids should get their first tech gadget? It means they can get it at a younger age than they usually would so long as you get our smartwatch. Most parents agree that a child should be 12 or 13 before they get their first smart device.

However, if you have a device, like our watch, that doesn’t allow them to access the areas that make standard smartphones so dangerous, you can get them one at a much younger age. We’d recommend as low as age six or seven. That way, they’re old enough to understand how to use the device while not so old that they want a smartphone. 

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