Camping Safety Tips and Rules for Families With Kids

As we reach the end of summer, the time for camping is growing short, but there are many families out there looking to get some summer fun in before their kids head back to school. That’s why families look to camping as an option. Spending the weekend in the outdoors opens up many opportunities for family fun under the sun.

However, mother nature isn’t always the safest place for children, which is why you need to set up some ground rules before heading out. If you are unsure what those rules are, we’ve got you covered with our list of camping safety tips and rules for families with kids.

Set up a Perimeter Around the Campsite

Whether you’re in the woods or at a public campsite, it’s a good idea to start with a set of boundaries that your kids shouldn’t cross unless they are with an adult. If your children are older, it’s OK to give them some leeway on this, but make sure they know to inform you if they plan on going past the perimeter.

This is especially true if you stay near a lake or river. Kids can’t tell how safe the water is, so you shouldn’t let them get too close unless you or another adult is around to watch them.

Make a Plan in Case Someone Gets Lost

You won’t stay near your campsite the entire time you’re out there, so you will need to set up a game plan in case someone goes missing. First, you should set up a meeting point. You can make it your tent, but depending on how far away you are, you can decide on the park entrance or the ranger building.

Since kids aren’t always the best with directions, you’ll want to make sure they have some sort of smart device with GPS capabilities, so they can easily find their way back. If there’s a chance of them getting taken downstream while swimming or boating, you’ll want to make sure they have a waterproof smartwatch for kids like the ones we offer. That way, they won’t lose it in the river, and it’ll still work when they get out.

Create a List of Plants and Animals To Avoid

The final guideline for our list of camping safety tips and rules for families with kids is to make sure your kids know what’s safe to explore and what isn’t. You can likely keep an eye on what they’re looking at, but it’s impossible to watch them constantly. You also don’t want to tell them to avoid everything.

The whole point is to be a part of nature and explore, and your kids can’t do that if you get mad at them for touching anything. It’s best not to mess with animals regardless, but they will know to stay away if they have a list of the most dangerous ones. Make sure your kids know what to stay away from, and everyone should go smoothly.

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