How Do Kids’ Smartwatches Work?

If you’re currently in the market for a child’s smartwatch, you’ve likely looked at the list of features and asked yourself, “How do kid’s smartwatches work?” There is a surprising amount of helpful tech in such a small and relatively cheap device, so it would be interesting to know how it all works. Fortunately for you, we’ve set out to answer that exact question by going over the features one by one to explain how they each operate inside your child’s smartwatch.

Calls and Texts

While not all smartwatches need to connect to your phone to function properly, though a lot of them still do. However, this isn’t the case for the majority of kids’ smartwatches. Most of them come with 4G and Wi-Fi capabilities that allow the user to text or call anyone on their watch.

Some even have a built-in camera, which isn’t extremely common among other smartwatch makers. This allows for seamless video calling between watches and phones. Our kids’ cell phone watch includes a SIM card that will enable kids to use these features over AT&T’s reliable network for only $10 a month. And it does all this without allowing your child to have unrestricted access to the internet through their device.

GPS Tracking

Almost all child-centric smartwatches come with a GPS as well, which you can use to track where your child currently is and where they have been throughout the day. This is possible due to the GPS constantly checking the watch’s location through satellites, then sending that info directly to your phone. The kids won’t have the ability to turn this function off, in case you are worried about them doing so.

Medical Capabilities

If you asked the question, “How do kid’s smartwatches work?” there’s a chance you weren’t thinking about its potential medical capabilities. This is another feature that our child smartwatch features and other popular brands don’t. These sensors are located on the back of the watch and keep track of body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels. While you likely don’t constantly fret about having this info for your children, it is still a good thing to keep track of.

In fact, if your child tends to get sick more often than others, these features can benefit you or your child’s doctor. With this information, you will have a better time figuring out what is wrong with your child at any given moment.

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