Must-Haves for a Day at the Beach With the Kids

Whether it’s just down the road or a couple of hours away, going on a family trip to the beach is a full-day event. Make sure you have everything packed up so the day will be a great one. If you’re unsure about what to bring, then this post about the must-haves for a day at the beach with kids is just for you.

Sun Protection

It doesn’t matter what kind of beach you go to—the sun is a harsh mistress. Without proper protection, if you get a horrible sunburn, your day will be ruined and so will lots of days afterward. That’s why sunscreen is a must. The higher the SPF, the more protected everyone will be.

Sunscreen wears off eventually, and if you are having trouble regularly applying it to your kids, you’ll want other forms of protection. That’s where sunproof outerwear and beach umbrellas come into play. The sun can still get through clothing and burn people, so having a set that protects against it will be very handy. And because your kids will eventually want a break from swimming to eat or relax, a giant umbrella that protects them from the sun is a must-have.

A Plethora of Snacks

If you’re planning on being at the beach all day, we’re sure you’ve packed some lunch—but have you brought any additional snacks or drinks? Your children will work up quite the appetite throughout the day, and lunch might not be enough to satisfy them. That’s why snacks are a must-have for a day at the beach with kids. Sure, there are typically concession stands nearby, but their prices are usually ludicrously high. If you come prepared, you won’t have to bring out your wallet.

A Plan for Finding Each Other

Depending on how many children you bring with you, keeping track of where they all are at any given point can be a challenge. That’s why you need to go with a plan on how to find each other if someone gets lost. Decide on a meeting spot or tell your kids to go straight to a lifeguard in case they get separated.

If there isn’t a lifeguard on duty, there are other options—such as getting one of our waterproof smartwatches for kids. This will allow them to call or text you if they get lost while playing around in the water. Plus, unlike a smartphone, they can’t drop it and have it get lost in the waves since it’ll be attached to them.

Make sure you’re ready for phone calls by ensuring your phone is charged and ready to go. Bring along a portable charger, too. When you pack the helpful things mentioned on this list, you’ll be ready for anything during your day at the beach.

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