Simple Ways to Keep Kids Focused and Off Unsupervised Tech in School

While adding iPads, smart devices, and computers to the classroom at younger ages can promote digital literacy in children and aid in developing important motor skills, introducing technology to children can still pose a serious distraction. We’ve outlined three ways you can keep your child focused better in school, both on and off the screen. You can implement these tips by providing your child with the outlined resources and sharing this article with your child’s teacher. After all, keeping communication open is key to fostering a safe and healthy environment for children. 

Add Accessories to Computers

Providing your child with a headset, a mouse, and a keyboard can help keep your child focused and directed while using their technology. Headsets can eliminate outside distractions and noise, and a mouse allows for precise movement while using their device. An external keyboard (which can be used even with tablets/smart devices for children) can also improve attention span, as it is positioned away from the screen. Keyboards are safer for children as they are easier to clean and promote wrist health. Keeping your child safe while using technology as well as encouraging them to use it for motivation will help them associate screen-time with positive productivity and education.

Promote Movement

Sitting at a desk for most of the day can be difficult for children. If a child is confined to their seat, their focus could be negatively impacted. Providing handheld toys or small objects that a child can spin or grip can help increase concentration.This means you can help your active or easily distracted child stay focused!  These alternatives are also known to decrease anxiety and stress, which will help with your child’s ability to comprehend lessons. An added bonus of promoting more movement and tangible distractions is that it will serve to limit internet access for children by navigating them away from their smartphone or tablet device and stop them from exploring the World Wide Web in an effort to alleviate boredom. Rather than encourage your child to turn to their technology when they can’t focus, you are able to shift their solutions elsewhere. This will also allow them to avoid some of the more harmful effects of technology on children.  

Talk to Your Child’s Teacher

Ask your child’s teacher about the methods they’ve developed in the classroom to keep children focused at school, especially during time spent on technology. Is the internet access on the devices provided by the school restricted? Are children only able to access approved apps and websites, or is the internet theirs to navigate freely? Does your child’s teacher have a safety precautions lesson integrated into their student’s technology use? Communicating with your child’s teacher will help you address your concerns as their parent, as well as get a sense of how you can help your child stay safe and focused when you aren’t around to keep an eye on them. 

Bonus Method!

Equipping your child with Angel Watch’s 4g smart watch for kids is an easy way to keep kids focused in the classroom and off of their own, non-school associated devices (such as an iPhone or smart device). Angel Watch is a texting, calling, and video calling smartwatch designed for kids that allows your child to safely contact their guardian without social media or internet access. Angel Watch also allows you to remotely monitor your child’s vitals, which means you can see how much movement your child is getting during their school day. This waterproof children’s smartwatch provides you with additional peace of mind since you don’t have to worry about your child damaging it while washing their hands or playing at school. Help your child stay focused in the classroom and limit distractions while keeping your child safe with Angel Watch

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