Teach Your Kids Different Methods To Signal for Help

Learning a signal for help could make all the difference in your child staying safe. Make sure you teach your kids different methods to signal for help whenever they encounter dangerous situations. We hope this never happens, but it is a crucial skill to implement into your children’s lives.

Use a Code Word

This method is most effective when you make sure all trusted adults in the child’s life are aware of an assigned code word. Have a conversation with your child about what they would do in an emergency in which they need help but cannot make a big scene. Help them decide on a word they can use to communicate. Update teachers and other adults on the word if it ever changes.

Use a Smart Watch

The Angel Watch Company provides parents with a safe and reliable form of communication to use with their children. Our 4G kids GPS watch has a discreet button on the side that you can push to send for help. Parents can connect the watch to their phones and receive the SOS alert directly. This simple method allows your child to call for help even if they cannot speak.

Use a Hand Signal

The Canadian Women’s Foundation created a well-known hand signal that has already saved countless lives. The signal is easy to learn and perform, and is one of the best options to teach your kids. Place your thumb in your palm and wrap your fingers around it. Now, open and close the four fingers around the thumb like you’re waving. Repeat the process until getting someone’s attention. Visit the Canadian Women’s Foundation website for more information and a history of the signal.

Teaching your kids different methods to signal for help starts with education. Have an open conversation with your children about staying safe around strangers and how to ask for help if they find themselves in danger. Educate your children on help signals and safety habits early, so they are always prepared.

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