The Most User-Friendly Personal Tech for (Almost) Any Age

For tech to be user-friendly, it should require minimal setup with easy instructions. The most user-friendly personal tech for any age is simple yet hard to find. We’ve compiled a list of tech with minimal extra requirements for you.

Smart Speaker

Various companies produce smart speakers; a particular one is the Amazon Echo. These speakers are easy to use, and the setup is simple. The only necessities for this tech gadget are the speaker itself and downloading the Alexa app on your phone. Anyone can use and talk with the speaker, making it user-friendly and family-friendly.

Streaming Devices

Hundreds of people are cutting the cord with cable companies and subscribing to online streaming services. A Chromecast is a straightforward device that plugs into your TV, allowing you to cast TV shows and movies straight to your TV. No additional apps are needed besides the streaming service you use to watch the shows.

Anyone in the house can connect to these devices and stream just about anything as long as the app you are using is compatible with the streaming device.

Smart Watches

Smart watches are becoming increasingly popular. Target audiences for smart watches range from toddlers to seniors and everyone in between. The Angel Watch Company offers a GPS tracking watch for elderly family members or toddlers. Our watch is a great way to stay connected, yet easy to use for people new to smart technology.


Although going to the library is a fun experience, this user-friendly personal tech for any age can house all your books free from a cluttered bookshelf. Kindles are the perfect on-the-go device, and you can read anything anywhere. Titles can range from children’s books to non-fiction. The only tricky part of this tech gadget is maneuvering through the app store to find the next book you’ll be purchasing.

Skip the headache of learning a new device with these simple pick-me-up gadgets. Learning a new smart device will make your next tech endeavor easier. Don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in the world of technology with these easy-to-use smart devices.

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