Top 4 Misconceptions Surrounding Smartwatches

Unsurprisingly, the facts about smartwatches can become misconstrued quite easily, which leads to misunderstandings about what they are and what they can offer. Even though we doubt that we’ll be able to put a halt to all misinformation surrounding these devices, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the top misconceptions surrounding smartwatches.

It’s Challenging To Learn How To Use One

We’re not entirely sure where this myth came from. If you can learn how to use a smartphone, using a smartwatch should not be an issue for you. They’re significantly more basic than a phone and typically have more straightforward designs. We personally specialize in making smartwatches for children and the elderly, so we feel qualified enough to say that these devices aren’t difficult to learn.

They’re Dependent on Smartphones

This misconception isn’t quite as rampant as it used to be, but some people still believe that you must have a phone on and nearby to be able to use a smartwatch. There are a ton of models on the market these days, including kids’ texting watches, and most come with a SIM card that lets you use the watch independently from your primary smart device.

Smartphones Already Do Everything They Can Do

As far as top misconceptions surrounding smartwatches go, this is one that we’ve never fully understood the issue with. The whole point of having a smartwatch is to have the ability to control your phone quickly and easily through your watch, so why do people complain that they’re pointless? After all, smartphones can do everything they do, only better. It just doesn’t make sense.

On top of that, this myth is not entirely true. While phones have many more options and abilities, there are some areas where watches can outshine them, primarily when it comes to fitness tracking. Smartwatches are much better at recording steps taken, distance traveled, and various vital signs. Smartphones can’t even do that last one. So don’t count these little devices out simply because phones seem like the better choice.

They Look Tacky

While this final one is more subjective, we feel like it was still worth mentioning. Some people think smartwatches look tacky or are something only a nerd would wear. While this might have been more accurate around the time they first became popular, smartwatches have slimmed down a lot, and at times, they even look better than old-fashioned watches.

Anyone who still thinks smartwatches look tacky would probably believe the same thing about any accessory that’s worn on the wrist. There’s really no more social stigma associated with these devices, so don’t let that be the thing that keeps you from getting one.

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