Utilizing Angel Watch to Check in on Your Aging Loved Ones

Caring for an aging loved one is no easy task. It can be especially difficult to monitor your family member’s health and keep your aging loved ones safe without stripping them of their privacy and autonomy. Luckily, Angel Watch’s “Assist” for vulnerable adults is innovative technology that can make caring for your loved one remarkably easier. 

How Angel Watch Assists You

Angel Watch’s Assist allows you to keep an eye on your aging loved one from afar. With our GEO fencing and tracking technology, family members and emergency services can quickly pinpoint the location of a wandering adult. If an elderly person with dementia or Alzheimer’s is lost, being swift may be the difference between continued safety and a detrimental incident. Assist allows you to set a GEO fence around your family member’s location. When they exit the area, perhaps unintentionally, Angel Watch will provide them with a panic button, which calls each of their emergency contacts set in their smartwatch, until one picks up. Exiting the GEO fence will also set an out of bounds alert on the Angel Watch app, monitored from your own device, helping you to keep track of your aging loved one. Angel Watch’s Assist is truly the pinnacle in technology designed to keep aging loved ones safe.

Angel Watch’s 4g safety watch for seniors also allows for you, the caregiver, to remotely monitor your loved one’s vitals. This includes body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. You can schedule temperature readings or request them from your own senior safety watch. All key vital statistics can be monitored, tracked, and stored in your Angel Watch app, making them accessible to you and your dependent’s healthcare provider if needed. The smartwatch also has fall detection technology for seniors, which alerts you if your loved one has taken a spill. 

How Angel Watch Assists Your Loved One

Angel Watch’s smart technology will help you get to your loved one faster, without compromising their privacy or autonomy. If your elderly loved one is experiencing declining health, it can be difficult for older adults to act as independently as they may have once been able to. The transition from independent living to being under someone else’s care can be difficult. Some seniors feel like their autonomy and dignity have been stripped from them when their caregiver is constantly hovering. Angel Watch’s Assist has the aforementioned tracking and monitoring capabilities for your aging loved one, to allow space between an elderly person and you, the caretaker. Additionally, Assist is a smart device, equipped with its own SIM card, data, minutes and number. Assist also allows for video, phone calls, and texting with elderly loved ones. But unlike a typical smart device like iPhone or Android, Angel Watch is equipped with one press photo ID calling and push-to-talk voice and picture messages to make our smart device senior-friendly. 

Angel Watch’s Assist also includes a built-in flashlight, is waterproof, and conveniently straps onto your loved one’s arm. This makes it much easier to keep track of than a loose smart device. Assist can also provide visual and audio medication reminder technology to make sure your loved one remembers to take their pills without pressure from their caregiver. 

Assist could make all the difference for you to successfully care for a vulnerable loved one, giving them the freedom to enjoy their life while staying safe.

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