What To Consider When Buying a Smartwatch for Your Child

No doubt, smartwatches have changed how adults live their lives. These devices provide a host of advantages to us, and kids can also reap the benefits of this technology. With so much tech out there already, you’ll need to choose the best option for your kid. Not sure where to start? It’s okay! That’s why we wanted to create a complete guide to what to consider when buying a smartwatch for your child. Read ahead to learn more.

What Are Its Capabilities?

Of course, a smartwatch should include call and message functionality. We want to make sure we can regularly check in with our children, whether we do so through text, voice, or video. A smartwatch is one of the best ways to communicate with your kids without buying them smartphones. Often, watches will have their own cellular and Wi-Fi capabilities as well, so they’re easy to set up and they can perform exactly how they should. Few things are worse than malfunctioning kids’ tech, and we want our kids to be happy with a working watch.

Further, ensure the watch has sophisticated alarm features. The ability to set multiple alarms helps with keeping kids on schedule throughout their days. As a bonus, you can keep your family’s routine on track. Similarly, a Do Not Disturb feature is great, too—it can promote improved focus during times when they really need to concentrate on tasks at hand.

While it’s important to have the essentials, it’s also nice to own a device packed with cool features. Take GPS tracking, for instance—it allows parents to locate their kids and monitor them through smartphone apps. On the same hand, geo-fencing can alert you when your child approaches boundaries you set. As you can see from these capabilities alone, smartwatches are amazing tools that encourage independence for our children while keeping them safe.

Health monitoring is another example of a useful feature. Although this functionality isn’t a necessity, it can provide helpful insight into your child’s activity and sleep quality. Through this data, you can encourage your kids to keep moving and get enough rest each day.

Lastly, we’re sure your kids have lost toys in the past—they somehow disappear, never to be seen again. Choose a smartwatch that includes a feature to find their watch if they misplace it. If they lose it, you can help it magically reappear in their hands again!

Can It Encourage Online And Physical Safety?

When you think about what to consider when buying a smartwatch for your child, you likely think of safety—naturally, this is top of mind. As parents, we have to recognize our children’s safety as our number one priority. If the idea of giving your child a smartwatch interests you, opt for a device that promotes security. The Internet is home to online bullies and predators, and smartphone apps can distract your kids. Smartwatches specifically designed for kids remove these harmful social media and web aspects. Plus, with the right smartwatch, you can manage phone numbers and include only known contacts—that way, strangers can’t reach out to your kids. Instead, they can add siblings, family members, or close friends on their watches.

An SOS button is another top consideration—after all, we can’t predict emergencies, and we want to prepare for them the best we can. This feature calls designated primary contacts who can assist in difficult situations after pressing a specific button a few times. And some smartwatches even provide an option for parents or guardians to listen to what’s happening around the watch, which is essential if you suspect your child is in danger.

How Durable Is It?

As we know, kids are active. Look for a device that can withstand play as well as the potential damage that comes with exploration—think chips from bumps, scratches, and other imperfections. Additionally, any device may collect dust over time, so opt for a hard plastic casing that can wick away this debris.

You also want a robust device that boasts good battery life and includes a tough charging cable. Your kid’s smartwatch should still be operable a day or two after a single charge. Otherwise, they’re more likely to leave the dead watch in their room.

And let’s not forget that most kids love water. You need to find a waterproof smart watch for kids—in other words, a watch that can handle mornings jumping in puddles and afternoons hanging out by the pool.

How Easy Is It To Use?

Because this device is for your kids, make sure your child feels comfortable navigating their own watch. If the watch is too complicated, it may do more harm than good. In this case, a simple design is best; we suggest a smartwatch that features buttons and a touchscreen. They should have their own distinct uses so as not to confuse your child. Don’t forget to check if it can clasp easily and safely, too—this way, your kid can put on their watch without assistance.

How Does It Look?

Many kids want to take after grown-ups and express interest in a smartwatch that looks like their parents’. Fortunately, several companies have perfected this, so feel free to search for a watch that accomplishes this. Look for a smartwatch company that offers devices in a wide range of colors as well. That way, you can select the watch your kid likes best!

How Much Is It, And Is It Worth It?

Kids’ smartwatches will vary in price depending on the watch’s construction and features. Typically, they range anywhere between a hundred dollars and a few hundred dollars, but some companies offer deals on multiple watches for families. We’re proud to be one of them, and we know you and your family will love our devices.

Angel Watch offers groundbreaking technology for children and their families at the best possible value. Our smartwatch includes all the features parents and their little ones need—not to mention some other exciting stuff, too. We promise your kids will enjoy the fun and freedom, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind.

What To Consider When Buying a Smartwatch for Your Child

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