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We noticed that our twin girls could swipe through and iPhone before they knew how to hold a fork.

It was a bit of an eye opener.

It was a fact. Cellular technology has grown ever since its inception to become an all voracious, necessary, element of our lives.  It was only a matter of time before it would spread so wide that it arrived into children's lives too. 

Here's what we learnt: in the UK, over 50% of kids aged 7 and under OWN a mobile phone. 

This is a staggering statistic. And nobody knows what the mental health impact of this is going to be. 

We set out to develop a product that could use the best of cellular technology, that's highly restricted, controllable, safe, and allows us see and know everything, 4G, so regardless of distance, and let them live good, safe, independent childhoods. 

 This device had to be age appropriate and not let kids access the rabbit-hole of the internet unsupervised, ever. It had to be something secure that would also not  give them access to social media; but, most importantly, let us as parents always be connected to them.

A device with GPS locating and calling ability, with geo-fencing to let us know if they've gone too far, something that could track and monitor our kid's activity, vital signs, step tracking and calorie burn, have a single button SOS button to call us if something went wrong, that gave us a way to listen, and watch  in, on the babysitter, so we could confidently head out for dinner.  Even a device that let siblings use them like walkie-talkies with direct device-to-device voice messaging.

And so, we created Angel Watch. A child safe cellular GPS smartwatch. Fun for kids, but really, it's for us parents!

safe and happy kids

Mia & Sophia 

When we had that in mind, we got to work.  We can create the solution. 

We conducted nationwide surveys to see what else was important to other parents, we found the highlights, and developed that. Nothing more. Nothing unnecessiry. And after over two years of development, shipped the first Angel Watch™.

We started our company in November 2019 in Wyoming, then began shipping our first model, the Series C, in February 2020. Then we moved to London! And all the while as we grow, everything is managed by our growing, now 6 person team. 

It's been quite a journey.  Filled with its rough patches. But we always stuck with it and pushed forward. While we grow, we get better at what we do: faster shipping, better site information, quicker response times, all of it, constantly improving.

Even though we pay our staff to work from 8am-5pm, it's on the condition that they're all out of the office by 3pm sharp and spend the last 2 hours with their kids doing an activity- hiking, kayaking, riding, bowling or anything else that sounds fun.

We really hope you enjoy our product. It means more to us than anything that you do. 

That's why we're perhaps the only company like this with a 14-day try at home policy with a core focus on customer service and help make families safer- with every package that arrives.

If things aren't going right or you're just in need of help and answers, please get in touch with so we can help.  You'll always have one of us to talk to and we'll always make things right one way or the other. 

That's the Angel Watch™ promise.

Our goal is to make every family safer and improve childhoods, make better young men and women.

You can stay close, safely, even when away. 

Please help us spread the word and make every kid's childhood even safer and that much better with our child safety smartwatch.

God bless,

Alex, Melinda, Mia & Sophia (and Johnny, Ezra, Mary Lou, Jay and that guy we never see surface from the server room- just kidding Les!)