When we started this business, a large influence was—and still is—our kids.

But as we created our watches here at Angel Watch, we knew that we could help so many other people out there- more than just kids. When caring for people, most times, the list of concerns goes interchangeably from children to elderly individuals.

That’s why we started adding features that were better suited to caring for those that have more specific fluctuations in their general health. Concerns such as changing heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels became our focus.

This, in turn, led us into understanding how strenuous caring for an impaired family member with health complications can be. Our goal was not only safety but also convenience when we started upgrading our Angel Watch into a health monitoring smart watch for seniors. Checking on your loved one from a distance allows for peace of mind throughout your day—plus, knowing that they have an easy-to-use means of communication makes it that much better.

From then on, we looked at every additional feature of our health monitoring smart watch to see how we could help as many people as possible. We kept asking ourselves, “who else can benefit from this?” We also realized we could help dementia patients.

After all, we already had our tracking feature that we implemented based on child safety—that certainly wasn’t picky about who it was tracking. This allowed for caregivers and family members to always have a way of figuring out where their disorientated loved one ended up if they ever wandered off. This, in turn, brought us into the thought of ensuring that our watch didn’t get disorientated itself.

With most smart watches, there isn't any kind of defence against the watch’s owner changing or altering contact info. That’s why we put in an admin feature so that if it is in a scenario where the wearer isn’t in their right mind or is confused, the contact cannot be altered; in short, contacting help is always a simple action.

Accompanying that with our emergency call button—which is the only button on the watch, easy to push and calls up to three emergency contacts automatically, one after the next until answered (up to three times)—Angel Watch provides a safe and effective way to upgrade your caregiving.