Angel Watch, the Price of Free Exploration

WRITTEN BY Morissa Schwartz January 05, 2023

As much as you may want to take your kids to the most extravagant theme parks this holiday season, the cost of attending an amusement park, getting a hotel, and traveling (whether by car or plane) is astronomical. While amusement parks tend to be the apple of most children’s eyes, encouraging your child to find amusement locally can be much more affordable. And Angel Watch is here to help! 

With the one-time purchase of an Angel Watch, all kinds of opportunities for autonomous play open up for your child. The thrill of exploring new locations and finding new amusements can occur right outside your door in a safe and cost-effective manner. 

You may be thinking, how does having an Angel Watch compete with an amusement park? We’ll tell you!

Teaching Children Autonomy Locally

Our Angel Watch Series R for kids provides GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities. As a parent, you can keep tabs on your child’s location at all times and even get notified if they leave a designated area. You can allow your child to explore the surrounding neighborhoods of your home, a nearby park, bike trails, stay at a friend’s house, and much more without constant parental supervision. By allowing your child to seek amusement through exploration/play on their own or with their peers, you can help your child develop their individuality and independence. And exploring nearby trails, parks, or neighborhoods is significantly less expensive than an amusement park ticket but just as (if not more) enriching. It also allows your child to get outside and in touch with the surrounding environment!

Our smartwatch for kids includes vital monitoring, voice calling, video calling, and messaging capabilities, so you can rest assured that whether your child is exploring alone or with friends, they are absolutely safe and within your reach!

One-Time Purchase that Lasts Longer

The purchase of amusement park tickets provides a temporary experience, whereas the purchase of our 4g smartwatch for kids opens up numerous opportunities for exploration and enrichment. Rather than spending your hard-earned money on something that will last a day or two, purchasing an Angel Watch will last far longer (and, in addition, will help keep your child safe). 

Though your child may be upset by the lack of a special trip to the amusement park, they will soon learn the value of the best gift you could give them for the holidays, the Angel Watch Series R for kids! Indubitably, they will be glad to do activities without direct parental supervision. 

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What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Angel Watch Now