Are Smart Watches as Reliable as Smartphones?

The question of reliability in smart technology is becoming much more relevant as the prices of these devices continue to go up. It’s hard to rationalize a $1,000 price tag for the latest and greatest if it’s only going to last about two years, which is why some people are starting to look toward smart watches for supplemental use or even as possible replacements. However, price isn’t the only factor we need to consider, which is why we’re going to dive deep into the question: Are smartwatches as reliable as smartphones?


Let’s start with the issue we brought up above: the longevity of smart devices. Many smartphones that go through a regular amount of usage will typically last two years, sometimes three, with relatively few issues. This has been the case for a while now, but the rising prices make that number harder to deal with.

Smart watches, on the other hand, cost a fraction of what flagship phones cost, and they also last longer on average. Your typical watch will last anywhere between three to four years before it starts to have significant problems. That’s a lot more bang for your buck.

Battery Life

If you want to know how long your device will last from day to day, you’ll need to look into its battery life. This aspect has come a long way for smart watches, but they don’t stand a chance next to smartphones, which have much larger battery capacities. If you use a watch and phone to do the same tasks side by side, the phone will last longer every time.

However, phones use those batteries to run a lot more functions, and watches aren’t supposed to do as much work as phones. So if you were looking to replace your phone outright with a watch, this is an aspect you’ll need to consider.


The final aspect you’ll need to consider when deciding if smart watches are as reliable as smartphones is the general usage of each. Can your watch make phone calls and send texts as well as a phone? How good is its internet connection? If your watch connects directly to a phone, then it will do those things pretty much as well as the phone. However, if you want your smart watch to work on its own, things get a little more complicated. In terms of raw reliability, it will do what it needs to. The only problem is that it won’t be as fast. This may or may not be an issue for you.

What This All Means

When you’re considering all of these aspects, there’s no one right answer. If you’re a businessperson who’s constantly on your phone, a watch might not be able to cut it. However, if your child just wants a way to contact their friends, our kids’ texting watch will be perfect for everything they’ll want to do with it. The determination of reliability is relative to who’s using the device.

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