Do Smartwatches Get Better Service Than Smartphones?

When looking into cell phone alternatives for either themselves or their kids, some people wonder how these products compare to standard cell phones in terms of the service they offer. Even though there’s a simple answer, there’s a lot more to consider when thinking about it. That’s why we’re taking the time to explore the question, “Do smartwatches get better service than smartphones?” We want you to know the full story before you make any decisions.

A Simple Answer to the Question

We did a lot of searching but couldn’t find any tests that compare the service speeds of a phone and a watch. Likely, the reason for that simply comes down to the fact that they’re not close enough to compare yet. In general, the service speeds of a smartphone will be noticeably better than those of a smartwatch. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Why That Doesn’t Matter

The fact that smartwatches aren’t as fast doesn’t matter. Their primary function is convenience, not speed. They allow you to text, call, or video chat with someone on the go without having to lug your phone around. Some have even more features, such as fitness tracking, light web browsing, and games, but none of these would last very long if the watch focused entirely on increased speeds.

That’s because these smartwatches are tiny compared to phones. Their batteries are not very large, and they don’t have much room for high-powered tech. Consequently, if a company tried to make a high-performance watch, it would overheat in seconds, and its battery would die in record time. That’s no longer a useful device—that’s a burden—so the question of whether smartwatches get better service than smartphones is irrelevant.

What To Actually Be Aware of When Buying One

The better question when considering buying a smartwatch would be, “Am I getting my money’s worth with this technology?” Obviously, the answer to that will depend on what functions you’re getting out of it. If it’s only the basics, you wouldn’t want to pay more than a couple hundred bucks. On the other hand, if the watch lets you do almost everything a smartphone will, it’s okay to get a bit pricier. In general, though, a smartwatch should never cost more than a smartphone that has the same amount of features.

The same principle applies to the monthly charge of the service. Some providers charge up to $25 per month to use your smartwatch, while others draw you in with a lower price, then add extra fees after-the-fact. Something closer to $10 a month is much more reasonable, which is why we charge that amount for our kids’ cell phone watches.

We know our devices aren’t going to blow the latest flagship phone out of the water in terms of performance. That’s why we charge you accordingly and give your child the features they need to keep in contact with you without giving them too many freedoms the way a standard cellphone will.

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