Dangerous Challenges for Young Children on Social Media

Social media is centered around “following”. This is a combination of users being pressured to follow certain trends on social media or copy popular challenges in order to get a larger following. The cycle of “following” creates users willing to do just about anything for the next like or subscription to their profile or channel. This can be extremely dangerous for children who may not have the education or wherewithal to deem what is safe or even smart for them to follow. 

Social media challenges targeting children are one of the most dangerous repercussions of this “following” culture. These “fun” challenges are just another example of the dangers of social media for young children. As parents, it is our job to keep children safe online. With that in mind, we here at Angel Watch will recount dangerous trends happening online now and the easiest way to avoid them.  

The Penny Challenge

According to GoGuardian, “the challenge involves children partially plugging a phone charger into an outlet and sliding a penny down the wall, so it comes into contact with the exposed prongs. As a result, sparks are ignited, damaging the electrical system and leading to a house fire or electrocution.” I don’t think we need to say much else as to why that is a dangerous social media challenge.  

The Blackout Challenge

This challenge involves a user holding their breath until they lose consciousness. This is indeed incredibly dangerous. If the child falls unconscious unbeknownst to their caregivers and hurts themselves in their fall… well, we could go on and on about the vast amount of health-impairing things that could happen. Keeping children safe online as parents must include monitoring internet activity and stepping in as needed.

The NyQuil Chicken Challenge

This challenge is just like it says, cooking chicken in NyQuil. Cooking the drug can cause incredibly potent vapors to be inhaled while cooking, as well as fundamentally changing its properties. Not only does this challenge expose the individual to far too much of the medication, but on a social scale perpetuates the misuse of medication. This can lead to the misuse of drugs and other potentially body-altering or addictive substances in the child’s future. 

Teaching your children the importance of reading medication labels and following the instructions on prescriptions is paramount to keeping our children healthy as they mature. 

What Can You Do?

It is important to remember that challenges aimed at children on social media are an entirely too real danger that promises them the ability to fit in with their peers. Discussing peer pressure with your children, as well as what constitutes navigating the internet safely, is paramount to protecting your child online. Setting boundaries on screen time for kids will aid in helping them separate themselves and their relationships from the virtual world.


Removing social media from your child’s life is one way to do this. Our Angel Watch Series R smartwatch for kids provides an alternate means for your child to connect with their peers without social media. With calling, texting, and video calling capabilities, our 4g smartwatch designed for kids allows your child to communicate with parent-approved contacts. 


Our watch also features discrete remote monitoring capabilities from our Angel Watch app. This way, you will be able to catch your child preparing to perform a dangerous social media challenge before it happens. You will also be able to monitor your child’s health remotely so that in the event of a dangerous challenge being filmed, you will know if your child has been physically harmed immediately, allowing you to get help faster. 


Today, with your purchase of an Angel Watch Series R for Kids, you will receive a free ebook detailing tips on how to approach social media use with your children. The perfect gift for the holiday season: grab your Angel Watch today! 

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