How to Make Your Home Safer for an Aging Loved One

Are you a new family caregiver looking for tips to keep your home safe for aging parents? Or are you perhaps more interested in learning how to improve the safety of your aging loved one’s home? Look no further! A good place to start caring for a vulnerable adult is with fall prevention. In an effort to make caregiving more accessible, we’ve compiled three helpful tips to keep your loved one on their feet and teach you how to get help for elderly individuals quickly in the event of a crisis. We promise you will not be surprised by the third option, but you will be delighted!


Less Clutter

Caring for a vulnerable adult means making sure their home is clutter free. This is absolutely paramount to preventing falls for seniors. An absence of books, shoes, wires, and standing home decor will help to mitigate the risk of falling for seniors. According to DailyCaring, “Hoarding causes real dangers like increased fall risk, preventing emergency workers from helping your senior, and unsanitary living conditions. It could also be a sign of a serious condition like Alzheimer’s or dementia”. Preventing hoarding in seniors can help lead to a much less cluttered home. Keeping your aging loved ones' house clean helps them be as mobile as possible and prepares them for care in the event of a crisis/emergency. 

The Less Stepping Up, the Better


According to AARP (in conjecture with the US Census Bureau), “Less than 10 percent of U.S. homes are ‘aging-ready,’ meaning they have a step-free entryway, a first-floor bathroom and bedroom, and at least one bathroom accessibility feature, such as a grab bar or shower seat.” Stepping in and out of the bath or climbing up the stairs can be dangerous as your loved one loses mobility. Whether their limbs get stiff, they slip, they fall, or they get stuck, you can mitigate most of these concerns by restricting your loved one to the first floor. This likely means readjusting your vulnerable adult’s home so that the first floor is accessible and accommodates all of their needs. 


An Angel Watch


Preventing and managing falls is easy with an Angel Watch Series R Assist. Equipped with fall detection, a flashlight, and a dedicated emergency calling button for seniors, it is the perfect, accessible way to keep your vulnerable adult safe. Our 4g smartwatch for seniors is also equipped with easy voice-to-text and photo contact calling to make the smart device easy to use for older individuals. You can even remotely monitor the health of an aging loved one from afar. The Assist model is also equipped with tracking and geo-fencing technology for seniors, so you can keep track of a wandering loved one. Angel Watch is a perfect technology for family caregivers and their loved ones looking to make their care plans more efficient and effective. 


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