Angel Watch Gets an Update!

If you’ve been with us here at Angel Watch for some time, you may have noticed that we’ve been doing some renovations. And while the new shiny website is pretty awesome, we have an even more exciting update! We have just launched the new Angel Watch Series R watches in both the model for kids and the Assist model!

We’re here to share all the exciting new features and how they work in tandem with the watch’s withstanding, amazing capabilities. 

New Premium Screens

Our new Premium Black Screen is larger, easier on the eyes, and better at displaying colors. This is especially important in our Angel Watch Series R Assist for vulnerable adults. Elderly individuals with waning eyesight will now have an easier time with this state-of-the-art smartwatch designed for aging adults. This makes their accessible picture-based contacts easier to click on and see clearly. It will also make the visual aspect of our alert/alarm system easier to use.

For children, the new premium screens will keep them from straining, and potentially harming, their eyes while reading messages on their Angel Watch. 

Easier Operating System


Updating our operating system was essential to ensure parents and caregivers have no issues remotely tracking and monitoring loved ones, with built-in GPS tracking, geo-fencing, vital monitoring, and fall detection in the Series R Assist model. 

Our new operating system also ensures that texting, calling, and video calling is a simple, effective means of communicating with a vulnerable adult or young child. We’ve partnered with AT&T and T-Mobile to provide excellent cellular service to Angel Watch users in approximately 98% of the U.S. And for those who live internationally, any viable sim card will serve to get your Angel Watch up and running! And as always, our Angel Watches do not have internet access, so you don’t have to worry about the harmful effects of social media on young children.

Better Battery Life

Our new and improved battery life means your loved one can use their Angel Watch longer without having to worry about it dying on them! This means that when you are away from your child or vulnerable adult, who may need help charging their device, you don’t have to worry about our smartwatch’s battery life! This is especially important when you are remotely monitoring your child’s location or trying to keep track of wandering elderly loved ones.


The longer your geo-fence can stay up in your absence, the better! This way, there is no concern about keeping wandering loved ones safe!


We hope you enjoy the new updates to our Angel Watch products. We are always striving to serve you and your loved ones better. Right now, you can purchase any new Angel Watch for $20 off with our Black Friday Sale! With the purchase of a Series R Watch for kids, you will also get a free Parent Tech Tips ebook! 


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