Protect Your Child’s Innocence While Browsing Online

Keeping your children safe on the internet is only getting harder in a world full of dangerous predators and trolls posing online dangers for your children. But there is more at stake than just the extreme of stolen information or stalking (very real, very dangerous issues): your child’s ability to believe, to imagine, can be compromised by neglecting to monitor your child’s online behavior. 

Protecting your child’s innocence online is important to ensure their ability to empathize and interact with others with compassion continues to go strong. Specifically, we here at Angel Watch are talking about imaginative belief. 

What is Imaginative Belief?

What we here at Angel Watch have coined “imaginative belief” as your child’s ability to believe in mythical figures like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. While these figures may seem trivial or commercial as adults, to children, they are very real and help them learn valuable lessons and/or skills. 

Scholars from THE CONVERSATION state (in reference to believing in Santa Claus) that “It also provides opportunities for shared belief and play, reliving and sharing childhood memories, and encouraging empathy, kindness, and generosity. Believing in Santa Claus can also benefit children’s development as an avenue for creativity, imagination, and play.” 

Unmonitored internet access for children provides a challenge to that very belief. With unfiltered and unfettered information, your child could very well be stripped of their childhood magic and introduced to the bland, harsh nature of the world while they are still developing key skills like empathy, kindness, and community building. And while discovering the truth about Santa is an important stage of a child’s development, it would be better coming from the mouth of a caring loved one than a disruptive stranger, meme, or post online. 

How Do I Stop That From Happening? 

The easiest way to protect your child’s innocence is to restrict internet and social media access. While doing this on an iPhone or iPad is certainly possible, it is not the most convenient or even foolproof way to do so. Rather, utilizing our Angel Watch Series R for Kids can provide all the beneficial aspects of a children’s smart device without internet or social media access. 

With our 4g smartwatch technology, your child will be able to call, text, or video call you (and parent-approved contacts) anywhere! This means your child will have all the capabilities of a cell phone without the internet or open app store, keeping communication and your child’s location at the forefront of our device. The series R watch also includes tracking, health monitoring, and geo-fencing, so you are able to remotely monitor your child’s location and what their state of health is at all times, right from your handy dandy Angel Watch app. Now you can encourage your kids to go out and play without worry. 

With our series R watch, protecting your children’s innocence from technology is a breeze. Purchase today and get a free ebook, The Parent Playbook: Managing Kids & Technology Online, for more helpful tips and tricks! 

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