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WRITTEN BY Morissa Schwartz December 21, 2022

Whether gearing up for the annual road trip to your parents’ house, flying to Hawaii, or having guests at your own home, keeping track of your kids in the Holiday hustle and bustle can be difficult. From safely navigating an airport with children to sending your kids off so the grownups can have a chat, Angel Watch has your back this holiday season.  

Road Trips

Sometimes getting to Grandma’s (or any loved one’s) house means driving for hours on end. If this is the case for you and your family, rest stops and gas stations are most definitely in your future. Pumping gas, shuttling children to the bathroom, and still getting to your destination before dark all at once is nearly (but not quite) impossible for two parents, let alone a single parent. 

Equipping your child with an Angel Watch Series R for kids will make stopping quickly at shady rest stops and gas stations feel a bit easier. With our Angel Watch app, you can remotely monitor your child’s location from your phone. If your child is older, this means they can head to the bathroom by themselves (or with their siblings) while you pump gas. Our 4g smartwatch for kids can help you safely travel with children and allow them to experience some autonomy/space on a long car ride. Showing that you trust them, while still making sure your child is safe, is a great way to keep them in the holiday spirit!


We have a blog that extensively covers using Angel Watch to travel with children on airplanes! You can check it out here to get all the details about safety during the pandemic, remote vital monitoring, and location tracking technology for children. Traveling with children on an airplane is extremely stressful, but with an Angel Watch, it certainly will be easier to remotely keep track of where your kids are and what state their health is in when interacting with a large, crowded place. Getting to your destination safely while remaining as healthy as possible is paramount to enjoying the holiday season with children

At Home Gatherings

With geo-fencing capabilities for children, you will be able to set a perimeter around your home or neighborhood. If they cross outside of these boundaries, you will be immediately notified. This, paired with our location tracking technology for children, will put you at ease when sending them out to play with their cousins or friends while the adults have a holiday chat.

Additionally, all Angel Watch Series R smartwatches have calling, texting, and video calling capabilities, which means getting a hold of your child remotely is easier than ever! Plus, all of their contacts are parent-approved, so they, too, can let Grandma (and no one else) know the family has almost arrived for the holidays!


With the purchase of a new Angel Watch Series R for kids, you also get a free eBook with tips for how to manage technology usage with your child! And just in time for the holidays, our Angel Watches have all gained new looks and features in case your family needs an upgrade! To check out just what that means for you (and your holiday shopping), check out our blog here

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