How Angel Watch Can Help You Prep for Back-to-School

WRITTEN BY Morissa Schwartz August 16, 2022

Whether it is attempting to get your child back on a regular schedule or to keep them safe from a global pandemic, it is very common for parents to experience anxiety about sending kids back to school. The last thing you want to worry about when sending your child to the bus stop or dropping them off at the building is their safety.  

Unfortunately, especially now, we know how difficult it can be to leave your child in the care of others. Even when you’ve done your best to familiarize yourself with your child’s school and their teachers, it can be difficult to trust your child is safe with the numerous variables you cannot control while they are at school. 

With our 4G GPS smartwatch for kids, you can send your child to school worry free. Our Angel Watch includes GPS tracking that you can use to monitor their location on your iPhone or Android devices with our free app. This way you can keep track of your child’s location, whether they are being dropped off by you, another parent, or the bus driver. You can also use our GEO Fencing technology to set a perimeter around your child’s school. In the event that your child leaves the fenced area, your app will notify you immediately. The implementation of this ability to remotely keep track of your child’s location was done with the goal of being able to keep your kids safe from predators in mind. After all, Angel Watch was made by parents for parents, and it is our hope that this personal experience will allow us to help alleviate some of the symptoms of back to school anxiety through the use of our product.

Angel Watch also allows you to remotely monitor your child’s health for the times that you can’t physically be there to look out for them yourself. Our technology gives parents the ability to take a reading of their child’s heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. This way, if you are concerned about how to keep children with underlying medical conditions safe at school, you can enjoy peace of mind with the snap of a watch band. This is also helpful if you need to check on your child who may be recovering from an illness, such as the flu or cold. Remote health monitoring apps for children can be a real lifesaver when it comes to ensuring the wellbeing of your child during back to school season. 

Though thinking of the worst-case scenario can be uncomfortable, Angel Watch’s communication technology will have you and your child’s back. Our 4G smart watch includes video calling, audio calling, and texting capabilities. You and your child can also establish three emergency contacts on this innovative smart watch designed for kids. Should there be an urgent emergency, our watches come equipped with an SOS button that your child can press if they are ever in danger, similar to an iPhone or other smart device but without the specific added dangers of internet access for children. In the event that you or law enforcement officials believe that contacting them would place them in imminent danger, we’ve included a discreet drop-in audio and video feature that allows you to check in on your child from an app, without letting the wearer (or inadvertently, those around them) know. 

In today’s world especially, back to school anxiety has never been more prevalent for parents. Angel Watch is here to make your transition from at-home to back-to-school as easy as possible. While we can’t possibly be there to watch over our children 24/7, these watches come with a variety of features that are designed to keep your child safe during back to school season. A kids’ smart watch may be just the solution you’ve been looking for when it comes to your child’s safety and your relaxation this Fall.

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