How Angel Watch Can Make Traveling a Breeze

As the holiday season approaches, you may be already planning to pack your little ones’ bags and cart them off to the airport to visit your parents. It's been some time since you’ve traveled, pandemic and all, and you’re feeling the stress of managing your children’s safety and health among a fleet of strangers. You ask yourself if you can do this alone and, frankly; you aren’t sure. 

Regardless of where you are traveling, we here at Angel Watch have a solution for you: our 4g smartwatch for kids. Whether it be monitoring your child’s health before, during, and/or after the big trip or keeping track of children in a bustling airport or new city, Angel Watch has got you covered! 

Monitoring Physical Health

We know that, as parents, traveling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is incredibly stressful. There is no telling which sneeze or cough in the row in front of you on the plane will get you or your child sick. Proximity to a sick individual in a closed space can be detrimental. As traveling can generally weaken your immune system, it is important to mitigate as many factors as we can to keep our children safe and healthy. This is where Angel Watch comes in! Our Series R watch includes sensors that track and record body temperature, remotely monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. This way, you can check on your child periodically before and after your trip, mitigating surprise illness or traveling with an already weakened immune system. 

Keeping Tabs

It is easy to get separated from your child in a crowded airport. Whether it be because your child has to run to the bathroom one last time or they get lost in the crowded security rush, tracking the location of children is paramount to their safety (and to lowering your stress levels). With our accurate GPS location and tracking system for children, your little ones’ whereabouts will never be a mystery to you. With our 4g smart watch’s GEO fencing capabilities, you can set a perimeter around your boarding area or the airport itself. This way, you know if your child has left your location and action needs to be taken. 

Our smartwatch designed for children is also equipped with 4g calling, texting, and video calling capabilities, all of which can be monitored and/or controlled by you, the parent! This way, your child can contact you without the responsibility (and dangers) of an iPhone or smartphone. 

Make traveling for the holidays less stressful by getting your child/children an Angel Watch Series R for Kids today! It also includes a free ebook called The Parent Playbook: Managing Kids and Technology Online with tips and tricks for reducing your child’s screen time, internet access, and social media intake (the latter two are not included with Angel Watch, in an effort to help with screen time reduction for children). Travel safe, and we wish you Happy Holidays!

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