3 Ways to Keep Your Child Active

Whether adhered to the couch by the television, their iPad, or even a good book, too much time spent in stasis can be detrimental to your child. As children grow older and progress in their schooling, time children should spend outside stops getting met. In an effort to help keep your child physically and mentally healthy, we here at Angel Watch have compiled three ways you can encourage your child to exercise!

Exercise With Your Child

Exercise can be an awesome way to bond with your child. Walking or playing an exercise-centered game can help get your child moving while spending time together. Children who watch their parents regularly engage in physical activity are more likely to want to do the same! Make this time spent together with your child fun and engaging so they keep wanting to do it!

Exercising with your child also allows you to gauge what kind of activity your child is capable of. It is important not to strain your child too much. When encouraging them to exercise with you and on their own, it is paramount that you remind them to take things at their own pace and set boundaries for themselves while participating in activities like play, a sport, or any other physical activity. 

Your presence will also keep your children safer if they are out walking or playing. Though your own senses are not foolproof, your presence will certainly ease both your and perhaps your child’s worries when attempting a new activity. 

Schedule an Exercise for Your Child

Enrolling your child in a sports program can be a great way for them to get consistent exercise tailored to children in their age group. This is also an excellent way to help them bond with their peers and teach children cognitive motor skills like collaborative problem-solving. The social aspect of your child’s sport will aid them when working in leadership/group roles within their academic environment. This also provides the opportunity to explore a new interest with your child, which is both stimulating, fun, and good for them!

School sports activities also provide a safe and familiar location for your child to exercise. If readily available to you and your family, this may be a safer option than bringing your child to an ancillary facility for a sports group.

How Angel Watch Can Help

Angel Watch Series R for kids gives parents the ability to track your child’s steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and more right from their smartphone! This remote monitoring for your child is a feature unique to the Angel Watch, so that you and your child can create a physical exercise plan with progress that you can monitor in real-time! 

Our Series R watch also includes tracking capabilities with geo-fencing for children, meaning if they are playing with their friends, at school, or anywhere you cannot watch them physically, you’ll be able to look after your children from afar! With calling, texting, and video calling options, it will be easy for your child to contact you after their sports practice is over or if they are leaving the neighborhood playground to walk home. 

Keep your child safe and healthy with our 4g smartwatch for kids, which now includes our free ebook: The Parent Playbook: Managing Kids and Technology Online with every purchase.  

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