Angel Watch Can Protect Your Child’s Privacy

The internet is by no means a safe place for children. The advent of social media and its role in the lives of our youth have put countless children in danger online. On September 26th, 2022, The New York Times chronicled the British government’s warning directed at social media giant TikTok for neglecting to protect the privacy of young children online. This isn’t even the first time TikTok has faced accusations of disregarding child privacy laws. TikTok was previously accused of accessing their young users’ information without proper parental consent and “Failing to explain the platform’s data practices in ways that children could easily understand.” 

Social media, like TikTok, is often a roadblock for parents seeking to keep children safe online. The current importance placed on the privacy of young children on TikTok does not paint a pretty picture for the social media application. Impressionable and unaware of the sometimes malicious nature of the world and people in it, children are in danger online. Personal information children may share online that puts them at risk may include their address, where they go to school, their age, their contact information, and more

While teaching your child about boundaries online and keeping their personal information to themselves is vital to keeping children safe on social media, it is not foolproof. That’s one of the reasons we here at Angel Watch have developed a 4g smartwatch for kids that allows you to remotely contact your child without giving them access to social media and the internet. We want to give parents the resources they need to keep young children safe while decreasing their worry in conjecture with the likelihood that their child will be targeted online. 

Our Angel Watch Series R comes equipped with text messaging, video calling, and phone calling capabilities for children. Our 4g sim card is just like a phone, just without all of its dangers! This means your child can contact you or their friends (all parent-approved) similarly to how they would on social media, without the risk of communicating with dangerous strangers and while keeping children’s information safe online. There is absolutely NO social media or internet access on our watch. So you can enjoy peace of mind as a parent. 

We also communicate to our secure, proprietary app using government-level encryption to prevent anyone adding the watch without your knowledge and approval. As a parent, you have sole control over our smartwatches designed for children. This way, no one but you will have access to our smartwatch’s tracking, vital monitoring, discreet remote voice monitoring, or any of our many child safety features. Our watch’s tracking capabilities also include geo-fencing, so that if your child leaves an area you’ve designated for them, we will notify you. Even when you aren’t physically near them, remote monitoring your child will allow you to know where they are and if they are safe at all times, which is a comfort in the age of online predators targeting young children. 

Angel Watch is an affordable and practical solution to the dangers of social media for young children and its lack of heightened privacy. Check out our Angel Watch Series R for kids here

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