How to Limit Your Child’s Technology Use After School

Whether at home or in a daycare/aftercare facility, keeping your child entertained without technology after their homework is done can be difficult. After a long day at school, your child may want to unwind by playing a video game or perhaps logging on to their social media (if they are an older child). While in small doses this can be productive and relaxing, avoiding extensive screen time for children could be far more detrimental and damaging than healthy. We’ve compiled some simple ways to develop healthy activities for children to do in their downtime rather than relying on their smart devices. 

Bring a Book

Rather than slip an iPad, iPhone, gaming system, or smart device into your child’s backpack, try a book instead! Encouraging your child to turn toward reading as a source of enrichment, relaxation, and enjoyment is an excellent way to get children off their screens and focused on something else. Reading can help your child develop their vocabulary, writing skills,  language skills, concentration, problem-solving abilities, and imagination! You can foster a zest for storytelling by reading to them yourself as a fun after school activity for your child and/or before bedtime. This will give your child the same benefits of reading on their own, something they will be more likely to do when they get older. 

Get Social Outside

Not only is exercise incredible for your child’s development, but it can be a great chance for them to meet and befriend their peers without the involvement of social media and its corresponding smart devices. Kids will also be able to practice social skills, such as conflict resolution, while developing their motor skills. Whether you enroll the little ones in an after-school sports program or encourage your children to play outside with the kids in the neighborhood, getting them outside can severely limit your child’s screen time and vastly benefit their health! Exercising can also be an opportunity for bonding with your child, without the involvement of harmful technology for children.

Angel Watch for Kids

You might be asking yourself, “How can I ensure my child is safe if I don’t give them some way to communicate with me?” And while knowing when to pick up your child from sports practice or aftercare is important, you don’t need an iPhone or iPad to get that confirmation text from your child. Instead, our Angel Watch Series R for kids is a 4g smartwatch designed for children that allows you to safely text, phone call, and video chat with your child without internet or social media access. It also includes tracking capabilities and geo-fencing for your children, which means you can be notified when they leave the location you’ve set a perimeter around. You no longer have to worry about how to keep your child safe. Instead, our children’s smartwatch can be the medium between communication, safety, and reduced screen time that is perfect for their health and wellbeing, as well as your stress levels.

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