How to Feel Comfortable Away From Your Kids

WRITTEN BY Morissa Schwartz November 15, 2022

Leaving your child for the first time can be stressful and terrifying. Whether leaving your child in the hands of a semi-capable sixteen-year-old or dropping off your toddler at your parents’ house for the weekend, Angel Watch has a tangible and accessible means to make sure your child is safe.


Our Angel Watch Series R for kids is the 4g smartwatch solution parents have been dreaming of. Capable of GPS tracking, geo-fencing, and so much more, our smartwatch and tandem app can help you keep an eye on your child, even from miles away! 




Are you leaving your child at an after-school sports practice? Or perhaps you are dropping them off at summer camp for the first time. No matter the case, a children’s smartwatch is a great portable safety tool for a child on the move. Does physical activity seem like a recipe for a broken watch? Fear not! Angel Watch’s Series R is an IP67 dust and water resistant smartwatch, designed to withstand all of your child’s play, from the pool to the playground!


Additionally, you can remotely monitor your child’s vitals from afar to make sure they are healthy and safe, either while kicking around a soccer ball or hanging out in after-school care. Our watch tracks steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure, remote body temperature, and more! 


Geo-fencing and GPS tracking technology for kids allow you to keep an eye on your child’s location directly from the Angel Watch app on your phone! You can also set a perimeter fence around where your child is supposed to be, whether at home or school. If your child leaves said perimeter for any reason, you will be notified immediately. 


Perhaps you and your partner are away on vacation. Your child is staying with their grandparents, and you know they are safe because of the grandparents’ frequent updates and the data collected by your Angel Watch app. But you miss your kid’s voice, their little squishy face, and want to see them. Angel Watch can help! Our child’s smartwatch includes 4g texting, calling, and video calling capabilities that allow you to chat with your little one from virtually anywhere! Your child’s calling list will also be limited to only contacts you approve, so you can keep your child safe from online predators.


Not only that, but our Series R watch does not have internet or social media capabilities. This allows you to limit your child’s screen time while you’re away (you know how grandparents are with restrictions). With the purchase of an Angel Watch, we also include a free ebook called The Parent Playbook: Managing Kids & Technology Online. This can help you navigate the internet, social media, and screen time with your child meaningfully and effectively. 


These are all but some ways Angel Watch can help keep your child safe and lower your stress levels while you are away. In fact, it will be nice for you to have some time alone or with your partner. Instead of filling it with endless worry, why not enjoy it? Check out one of our protective smartwatches today

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