Technology Helps Keep Vulnerable Adults Healthy Amidst COVID-19

WRITTEN BY Morissa Schwartz September 20, 2022

Two years into an ongoing global pandemic, it can be hard to think about how far we’ve come and how many people are still at risk. Yet, despite the advent of vaccinations and boosters to combat the coronavirus, there is still much to consider in order to keep vulnerable elderly individuals safe. Our Assist watch can become a valuable part of your caregiving routine that can help keep your vulnerable parents safe not only in body, but in mind as well. 

Phone and Video Calling

According to the National Library of Medicine, “Older adults (aged >65 years) are perceived as the most physiologically susceptible population to developing COVID-19 and are at risk of secondary mental health challenges related to the social isolation that has been imposed by virus containment strategies.” Because maintaining an elderly loved one’s physical health often means social distancing, whether from crowded areas or even family members outside of their household, video and phone calling has become a vital way to keep vulnerable adults connected during COVID-19. Angel Watch’s 4G smartwatch Series R-Assist includes easy-to-use voice and video calling technology for seniors that lets your loved one call a family member or friend by tapping their corresponding photo.  The technology is simple and impactful, encouraging social interaction for vulnerable adults that you, as a caregiver, may not be able to provide. It is important to help your aging loved one maintain their autonomy as well as their safety, and giving them space to interact with others using their technology can be a great way to keep aging loved ones connected without exposing them to too many people. Our smartwatch for the elderly also includes an emergency calling service, so help can get to your loved one faster when they are in need of help. 

Vital Monitoring

Angel Watch also includes remote vital monitoring and tracking using the app. As a caregiver, you can ensure your loved one is not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms such as fever or chills. For a complete list of COVID-19 symptoms, you can visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website here. By monitoring your loved one’s vitals, you may be able to catch signs of immune deficiency or sickness more quickly. 

GPS Tracking

If your vulnerable adult is prone to wandering, our GPS tracking watch for seniors can alert you when they step outside of set boundaries. This is done through the use of geo fencing. Geo fencing allows you to remotely keep track of your loved one and ensure that they are remaining in quarantine if someone in the household is sick. This promotes a speedier and less contagious recovery for the vulnerable adult in your life.

Not Just for COVID-19

Our smartwatch acts as an easy alternative to smart devices like iPhones, iPads, tablets, or laptops that may be difficult for the elderly to use. The vital monitoring capabilities and GPS  tracking technology are equipped to keep your aging loved ones safe from afar. As a caregiver, you may not be able to (or find it appropriate to) be by your loved one’s side at all times. With Angel Watch, you don’t have to be. Your loved one can maintain their individuality and their social life without compromising their safety.

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