Three Tips for New Family Caregivers

WRITTEN BY Morissa Schwartz October 04, 2022

Here at Angel Watch, we know that being a family caregiver for elderly parents is no easy job. It is especially challenging to keep your aging loved one safe as their health changes and potentially fades. In an effort to make your job as a caregiver easier, we’ve compiled three helpful caregiving tips to help make your caregiving routine effective and sustainable, both for you and your aging loved one. 

#1 Communicate Well

Whether it's communicating with a doctor or with the person you are caring for, speaking effectively is often of the utmost importance. Being able to communicate clearly with doctors and medical professionals can be the difference between advocating for your aging loved one and settling for treatments that may prove ill-suited to their needs. Make sure you and your vulnerable adult are a part of the treatment conversation. Keeping conversation and communication with elderly loved ones is just as important. Though your aging parents or other vulnerable family members may be unwilling to ask for help, you can still communicate what tasks you will be helping them with. It is important not to offer useless platitudes when it comes to caring for vulnerable family members. Instead, according to, it is important to provide “concrete help” that you can articulate along with the care plan for your aging loved ones. 

#2 Take Care of Yourself

How are you meant to care for another person if you are stretched thin and struggling yourself? Maintaining your health is one of the best things you can do as a new family caregiver, and it will better allow you to care for your loved one. You can continue to feel your best with simple activities like exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and making time for activities you enjoy. If you think you may be experiencing caregiver stress, consult your doctor and take a look at the Mayo Clinic’s article on managing the aforementioned stress. 

#3 Use Angel Watch’s Series R-Assist

An accessible way to make your job as a caregiver easier is by purchasing your very own Angel Watch Series R-Assist. This smartwatch designed for elderly protection is equipped with 4g smart technology, easy-to-navigate video communication and calling capabilities, and remote health monitoring for your aging loved ones. This way, you can stay in touch with them at all times, whether in-person or remotely. Assist is also equipped with vital monitoring technology for elderly individuals that can keep you informed of your loved one’s health. Angel Watch is here to help you make caregiving as stress-free as possible. Additionally, our GPS and geofence technology allow you to remotely track your elderly loved one by placing a barrier around their surroundings that will alert you of their departure on the Angel Watch app. This can be especially helpful when caring for loved ones who are prone to wandering. Angel Watch also includes a medication reminder and fall assist technology, so your loved one will feel supported and protected even when you are not with them physically. Maintain your elderly loved one’s autonomy while providing yourself with the time to care for your needs with Angel Watch.

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